Honey Lavender – local honey + organic lavender

Sweet Cream – simple + delicious

Crème Fraîche Marionberry Crisp – crème fraîche with handmade marionberry crisp


Totes MaGoats – goat cheese base + fresh lemon curd swirl

Mint chocolate chip – fresh mint + chocolate chips

Lemon Ginger Cayenne Sorbet – lemon + ginger + a little cayenne pepper


Peanut Butter & Jelly – peanut butter + fresh strawberry jam

Ginger Chai Peach – Ginger Chai from Jasmine Pearl with a peach brown sugar jam

Maple Pumpkin Pie – pumpkin + spices + Grade A maple syrup + toasted gram cracker crust

Caramel Apple Cider – organic apple cider mulled with nutmeg + cinnamon + allspice with a house-made caramel swirl


The End Times – 59% cordillera single origin chocolate + cinnamon + habaneros

Peppermint Candy Crush – Peppermint jo-jos in a lightly pepperminty base

Mint Brownie – peppermint ice cream base + fudgey brownies + mini chocolate chips

Roasted Balsamic Cherry Mascarpone – mascarpone cheese base + locally grown cherries + EVOO+ balsamic + hint of rosemary


Chex Yo’self – Chex + marshmallows + white & dark chocolate chips + salted caramel sauce

Waffles v. Wafers – stroopwafels + cocoa wafers + freshly made fudge ripple

Yerba Mate – a smokey and herbal South American drink turned ice cream

Sparkle Magic – fruit loop rice crispy treats + blue sparkles

Nutella – cocoa powder + locally sourced hazelnut paste

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